Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ten things Main Street can do right now

I found this link in the E-Newsletter distributed by the Pensylvania Downtown Center and thought it was worth sharing. This story discusses ten things that revitalization groups can do, right now, in order to assist Main Streets and Downtowns weather this economic storm.

I also think that this is worth discussing because it brings up something that has become more and more prevelant in discussions that the BBRP has had lately, both at a staff and volunteer level: groups like ours have to be able to pivot and assist our businesses more now than ever before. There has, of course, never been a question that one of the most primary purposes of Main Street organizations is to assist local businesses and help the local economy grow. Of course, even before the recession, businesses were facing incredible challenges: rising expenses, increased technological innovation and competittion from big-box stores. Our current financial condition only serves to strain small businesses even more. Now, more than ever, revitalization organizations have to develop ways to help their small businesses.

More on that to come from our end!

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed my recent move to South Side Bethlehem. On a snowy day like today, I can easily walk to a variety of establishments--coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. The revitalization of third and fourth streets has been great.