Friday, September 7, 2007

So What Do You Want To Know?

So, I pose a question to all of our dedicated volunteers out there - what are you looking to learn about Main Street? Here's why I ask. One of our goals this year is to conduct at least four trainings - two from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center and two others taught by us. But, here is the question: What areas do you want to know about? In what areas can we help you and your committee grow as a volunteer? Below are some suggestions.
1) Economic Restructuring: This is an area where I many people have said that are confused by. Economic Restructuring - the process by which businesses are maintained, improved upon and recruited - is arguably the most important area of the Main Street program. But it's also one of the least understood
2) Volunteer Recruitment: Some committees have said that they have problems in terms of recruiting volunteers into the program and ensuring that volunteers along Main Street or in Borough government are engaged in the program. This may be an area worth exploring, since an active volunteer base is vital to the continued existence of a Main Street committee.
3) Governance: Of course, one of the goals for our Main Street committees is the continued health and existence of the committee. Accordingly, we want to ensure that our committee can govern itself, meaning possibly hold elections, manage its own money, and/or apply and achieve its own 501c3 status.
4) Fundraising: Any Main Street community needs money to be able to pay for projects! With this sort of training, we can give tips on how to hold successful fundraisers and maximize the amount of money that you can raise.
5) Anything else you want! We are obviously open to suggestions and want to hear your thoughts. Please comment below or E-mail me at Hope to hear from you soon!

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