Monday, August 6, 2007

Local Legislators Commited to the Valley

Hi everyone,

In order for any Main Street program to succeed, it requires support from members of both the public and private sector. Accordingly, I have been setting up meetings with members of the legislative delegation of all of my communities (Representatives Beyer, Reichley and Freeman and Senators Boscola, Wonderling and Browne). Each year, legislators are given a certain amount of money that they can give out in the form of grants. Obviously, this money represents a valuable form of financial assistance that is available to a Main Street program.

So far, I have had meetings with Representative Beyer and Senator Browne, seeking grant money for the 2008 Facade Program. So far, each legislator has delivered. Representative Beyer has committed to a $5,000 grant for the Facade Program in Coopersburg, and Senator Browne has committed to a $5,000 grant in Alburtis.

Obviously, this is outstanding news, and I want to thank Representative Beyer and Senator Browne for their commitment to Coopersburg and Alburtis. I am hopeful to have similar success with the rest of the legislative delegation as well.

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